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Kismet Log Viewer:
> Developer: Brian


The Kismet Log Viewer (KLV) takes Kismet .xml log files and produces a nicely formatted html interface to browse the logs with.

KLV has the ability to utilize available GPS information to create links for external maps via the net, and provides the ability for those with Snort (http://www.snort.org) to generate a page of Snort output for each specific bssid that has data available.

KLV also comes with my Kismet Log Combiner script to help users consolidate multiple .xml and .dump log files.

Over time I will continue to add more features until I can't think of anything else useful to add. So keep an eye on this page for updates. :)


An example of KLV's output is now available to view thanks to Morticus of #kismet.
> View Example Output (utilizes the .dump file via the -snort option)


Perl 5.x or above.
The XML::LibXML perl module.
At least one Kismet .xml logfile.


> kismet-log-viewer-0.9.7.tar.gz (14k)


tar -xpzvf the archive then open klv.pl in your fav editor to set up vars and see instructions.


0.9.7 - 4/13/03 - Now shows C if network is cloaked. Also stats have been removed from page footers and now have their own page with aditional stats avilable. Stats page lists start, end, server ver, total nets, total w/ wep, total w/o wep, % w/ wep, total factory default, % factory default, total cloaked, % cloaked, total clients, total packets. Help and about pages (located on mindflip.org) were also created.

0.9.6 - 3/31/03 - Now shows F if network is in factory default configuration. Also does "best guess" IP address for AP's based on the manuf and default channel matching (that's a 2 out of 3 match). Also added is the ability to specify the character to display in the clients column when there are no clients. This used to be 0, now it defaults to -. Make it whatever you like. Lastly % of networks with wep enabled was added to footer.

0.9.5 - 3/26/03 - Now only generates client pages for networks with clients. As a result 0's no longer linked in the clients column or on the network info pages. Also added the ability to specify the ssid column's alignment via a user var. Footers of client info and network info pages were also modified removing the client count. Client count still remains in the footer of the main output page.

The Kismet Log Combiner (klc.pl, bundled with klv) was also modified this update. It now allows those with mergecap (part of Ethereal http://www.ethereal.com) to combine .dump files corresponding to the .xml files using the -dump option. The resulting .dump file has the same name prefix as the .xml output file. gziped .xml files can now be loaded where the Compress::Zlib perl module is available. Also, the command line was changed from the old "klc.pl comma,separated,loglist out.xml" to the much improved "klc.pl space separated loglist out.xml" which allows for "klc.pl *.xml outfile.html". Special thanks goes out to Kyzoku of #kismet for his submission of the command line and gzip code.

0.9.4 - 3/22/03 - Added the the ability for those with Snort (http://www.snort.org) to use -snort to generate a page of Snort output for each specific bssid that has data available.

0.9.3 - 3/6/03 - Added the the new Kismet Log Combiner script to help users consolidate multiple .xml log files into one. Also added the ability to get an offsite map (5 levels of zoom from tiger) with aprox location of network for networks and/or clients with GPS data available in the .xml log file (nice, however watered down, alternative for users who don't have/use gpsmap).

0.9.2 - 3/5/03 - No longer going external for DTD's which fixes the problem loading older log files due to missing Kismet dtd files (Dragorn was nice enough to re-upload them to the Kismet site, but we have no real need to go external for dtd's so that step was bypassed).

0.9.1 - 3/4/03 - Moved logo location etc... into vars for ease of use.

Help & About:

The help and about links point to:
http://www.mindflip.org/klv/help.html and http://www.mindflip.org/klv/about.html respectively.
See those for more info.

Please send bugs, feature requests, questions, suggestions to: